Belgique / Bains connective : laboratoire artistique avec programme de résidences

Lieu pluridisciplinaire de résidences

Présentation en langue anglaise :
« Since 2009 artistic research has been the major focus of the artistic laboratory. Beside the regular residency program, we develop the “Thematics” program with the aim of giving context and visibility to the diversity of different artists’ approaches in relation to a specific theme. These themes emerge from the projects described in the applications for residencies that we receive and are used as tools to begin dialogues. This bottom up procedure ensures we engage in artistic and discursive practices based on the work of the participants. As a workspace we consider it important to create an environment where different artistic practices can question their relation to contemporary art and society by bringing people together to discuss and confront their ideas and the application of those practices. We bring space, artists, theoreticians and other concern practitioners together and we favour collaborations between BC artists and other institutions in order to open up our network and facilitate connections that enrich and broaden the parameters of the artists, works and concerns. »

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Bains Connective
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